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1 ABC Closeouts is a worldwide distributor and exporter of department store returns and closeout merchandise, offering the absolute best closeouts, liquidation items, salvage merchandise, overstocks, and surplus merchandise, wholesale merchandise products by the pallet, or truckload, delivered worldwide. has been in the closeouts business since last century, supplying to wholesalers, exporters, retailers, auctioneers, eBay, brokers, flea market vendors and closeout distributors. We carry all types of bulk merchandise from major department stores and manufacturers in the U.S., from apparel closeouts and liquidation domestics to surplus electronics and overstock toys. We sell by the pallet, by the lot, or by the truckload.

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wholesale liquidation puma sneakers
Brand-Name Athletic Footwear and Sneakers All new. Great mix that may contain brand name such as: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Fila, Reebok, and many others. FOB Florida. Minimum order is 300 pairs. Wow - we've got what you were waiting for now!
wholesale liquidation classic cutlery
Kohl's Mixed General Merchandise/Housewares/Homeware/Gifts Huge selection of high-end brand names. Pallets may contain a mixture of cookware, furniture, glassware, linens, pots, gifts, seasonal item, toys, and many other household items. FOB Florida. Buy 5 pallets and get 1 pallet FREE!
wholesale liquidation stacking train
Brand Name Toys - EXCLUSIVE OFFER A 40' HQ container of assorted brand-name toys. Brand names such as Mattel, Galoob, Hasbro, Kenner, Toy Biz, Barbie, and others. All merchandise is store returns and may contain overstock merchandise. Huge variety of toys. You get an assortment of action toys, figures, dolls, remote control toys, talking toys, Barbie, baby products, and much more. We are back with the toys toys TOYS! Call and reseve your container now - first come, first served. For export only.
wholesale discount zara mens tee
Zara Clothing/Accessories We know exactly the brands customers are looking for! Awesome styles for men, women and children. Huge selection of overstock and returns. You may receive jeans, jackets, trousers, t-thirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, and more. Minimum order 1000 pieces. Super deal - order now and save!
wholesale mini tool grinder
Home Depot Hardware/Tools/General Merchandise A mix of brands like Numax, Bostitch, Ridgid, Hitachi, Freeman, General Electric, Shark Bite, Brass Craft, Flotec, and many others. May contain a mixture of ladders, hand tools, generators, power tools, air nailers, air compressors, plumbing tools, electric tools and accessories, and much more. FOB Georgia, Indiana, and North Carolina. Best prices!
wholesale liquidation blender
Walmart General Merchandise Assortment of general merchandise. Contains a mixture of items: electronics, hardware, car accessories, tools, KD-furniture, housewares, sporting goods, infant and baby items, toys, and more. FOB Florida. Buy 5 pallets get 1 pallet free!
wholesale liquidation pet products
Amazon General Merchandise An assortment of lawn and garden items, automotive, sporting goods, electronics, kitchen accessories, home products, home improvement, office pallets, pet products, toys, and much more. 85% clean almost new merchandise. FOB Ohio. Super Loads: New program = better quality products.
wholesale liquidation mountain jacket
Brand-Name Men's and Women's Coats and Jackets All brand name mixed of jackets, coats, blazers, gloves, hats, and much more. Huge selection of styles and sizes. FOB Florida. Super low prices. On Sale Now!
wholesale discount ck short sleeve
CK and DKNY Women's Short-Sleeve T-shirts All new. Huge selection of women's T-shirts. Includes a nice variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Minimum order 1000 pieces. FOB Florida. Please contact us for more details. The deal of the week!
wholesale liquidation denim skinny jeans
Kohl's apparel and accessories Nice mixture of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. May contain pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans, t-shirts, etc. Every pallet has a piece count on it!!! Regular price $1.99... Call now for a super price!!!
wholesale liquidation nail polish
Walmart OTC-PCAP Non-Ingestible Items Medical and Cosmetics Huge selection of medical and over-the-counter medical supplies such As Band-Aids, back braces, hot/cold compresses, canes, heating pads, braces, brand name cosmetics such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Essie, Almay and many others. Each load contains 26 huge pallets. Call for a special deal!
wholesale liquidation flower comfroter
JC Penney Mixed Large Bedding/Domestics/Linens Returns/Overstock. Huge selection of high-end brand names. Blankets, bed-in-a-bag sets, comforters, linens, bathroom accessories, rugs, blankets, and much more. FOB Florida. Buy 5 pallets and get 1 pallet FREE! Also sold by the truckload.
wholesale liquidation paris hip eyeshadow duo
Maybelline, L'Oreal, Cover Girl, Mary Kayand Other Cosmetics. All Overstock Assorted Brand-Name Cosmetics All new overstock merchandise: Huge assortment of lipsticks, lip liners, lip gloss, lip treatment, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliners, nail color, top base coats, nail treatment, and blush. foundation, powder, concealers and more. Super deal $0.99 each. Minimum order is 7,000 assorted brand pieces.
wholesale liquidation ring pendant earring set
Kohl's Department Store Assorted Jewelry Huge selection of items. May contain a very nice assortment of bracelets, rings, earrings, sunglasses, necklaces, watches, and more! FOB Ohio. Super deal!
wholesale discount 25 pound kettleball
Target Hard Goods / General Merchandise Mixed loads of general merchandise. May contain a mixture of items: electronics, hardware, car accessories, linens, tools, KD-furniture (flat-pack knock-down), housewares, sporting goods, infant and baby items, toys and more. FON TN. Super loads!